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Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Plastic Rose - Silence You EP

With a glance north of the border overdue for some time here, a mention now for the Belfast-based band A Plastic Rose, a band whom have started to venture south on the live circuit on the back of their Silence You EP released last October.

As their second self-released studio EP within twelve months, the band have quite a lot of momentum behind them, and this three track race through angst ridden melodic rock is an altogether edgier affair than their previous release. All You Know And Love Will Die is quite an attention grabbing title for the lead track, and its substance does not disappoint, where a superbly angular rhythm lifts into a frantic anthem of notable merit, and not surprising it has made its way to national radio play in recent months. In the second track, from which the EP takes its name, we have quite an attention grabber, where charred emotions gripping on hope through to ecstasy, as the song opens 'for fucks sake keep your eyes on me' sets the tone for a mantra of 'this five second stare means so much to me, fuck it my heart don't need company'. The boys know how to use their french in a lyric to good effect. The EP closes off with This Colour Blue, where the influence of post-hardcore bands such as The Appleseed Cast and Sunny Day Real Estate can perhaps be heard most, and all in all this is an EP which is a progression into an edgier direction from the earlier release. A full Irish tour penned in for this side of summer. One would expect it to be very well received. 8/10.

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