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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Neon Flea Circus - Go For The Juggler EP

Come what come May... 2007 saw release of the Neon Flea Circus' Go For The Juggler on Moon Icicle. While a circus is most commonly a travelling candy of performers that may include acrobats, apesgrapes, animals, trapeze acts and hula hoopers, the Neon Flea Circus requires some tequila to get your head around.

While funk beats and blues might not be the cornerstone of underground music championed here, brush-ins with psychedelia and a taint of King Leer debauchery make for compelling listening. The Neon Flea Circus are Cork City's answer to all you'll ever need in an off-centre funk of early Chilli Peppers. Though tainted sulphur and brimstone theatre, they have enough to make one warm more to the fire of lounged out Forbidden Fruit than that frenetic rub of the Skinny Sweaty Man In A Green Suit. Oh.. what have you done.. it started out and you thought it would be fun..... The choice song has to be King Lear, with touches of everything from Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds to a jazz lounge act in purple tainted harmonies of your favourite hell's kitchen. With influences taken from Small Faces, Hendrix and Gallagher, Fleetwood Mac and even shades of The Doors, here is a champion of something quite different, and quite relevant for that reason.

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