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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Walkperson - Desired Effect EP

Desired Effect is the debut offering from Dublin based indie-alternative outfit Walkperson, the EP released under the band's own Urchin Music label earlier this month. Walkperson cite dEUS, Slowdive, PJ Harvey and BellX1 amongst influences, but are accredited as being more accessible than these influences might suggest, with occasional leanings into alt-country touched acts such as Ryan Adams, The Frames and The Shins.
With an overall melancholic mood which reflects a beauty in sadness, the tracks capture a lot of passion and energy in their delivery none the less, rising at times to Placebo-esqe moments. The three track EP opens with a Flatline, with a driving indie-riff contrasting with the delicate vocal delivery. Following through to the title track, Desired Effect works repetition to steer a melancholy home before rising to a sonic overture of guitar riff and melody that embodies a lot of power and emotion, and is this listeners choice, while the closing track, Simple, recedes to the more quietly spoken alt-country side of Walkperson. All in all, quite an excellent EP, even if running to just over 12 minutes.

Walkperson formed earlier this year by main songwriter and frontman Pearse McGloughlin, who had played the London indie-circuit for a year as well as stints in Montreal and France before finding home in Dublin. On his return from London, McGloughlin quickly paired up with Andrew Deacon on guitar who provided the songs with the textures they required. After several successful support slots Deacon and McGloughlin were soon joined by Alsez Bajgart from the Czech Republic on bass and James T Yearn on drums, whom McGloughlin had previously played with some years previous in Sligo outfit Socialite. As a solid unit of mixed backgrounds and influences, Walkperson are now in a strong position to build on this impressive debut release. 9/10.

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