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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sacrum of Elegy

The influx of foreign culture into Ireland in recent years has brought many benefits, with the enrichment of the underground music scene here a cornerstone example. Returning to the gigging circuit after some months of down time, Sacrum of Elegy fuse the early 90s metal influences of Death, Testament and Paradise Lost with the gothic vocal of Karolina, echoing the haunting theatre of vampiric lust in enchanting slavic accent. Fans of goth-metal such as Lacuna Coil will be suitably impressed.

Listening in on their demo material, Never captures the imagery of graveground hauntings, treading the fine lines between love, lust, loss, longing and belonging, with key lyric 'your dark eyes shine through' wisping on the wind. I Wish quickly rises from haunting seduction to power as if it were natural transition, commanding over the the riff and melodies with confidence, and one also of merit, while Firedance, a more direct death-metal track is one possibly more suited to capture the adrenalin of the live circuit. Siren is perhaps the most elusive, but returns to more substance with the distinct sounds of epilogue, and a vocal delivered in native tongue hardly masks or hinders the alure. 9/10.

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