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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

We're putting on a Carnival...

Producers would screw them over at the start and they knew it was all part of learning curve, but now things were beginning to fall into place for them in a way they could only have dreamed of. In the end they knew their time was here. The quality street would be dumped and it would be Ferraro Rochet all around... or at least so goes the Carnival biography on their myspace page.

After some time in wait, Carnival are finally putting out their debut single this August. We're throwing a party to celebrate, where we've got Carnival headlining a show at Daffy's Basement in Limerick this Sunday 5th August. We're putting this on as a FREE event, so do come and enjoy if you are in the area. Carnival are spreading rumours that 79Cortinaz will play as special guests on the night, and there may be some truth in this, so it should prove to be quite a memorable night.

Carnival of course have been one of the finest to rise from the underground here in recent years. Fronted by Karen O'Neill who has a vocal close to that of Sheryl Crow finding pop-punk-rock. With a lot of fun, taunting and angst in their music, they've attained an indie-rock stamp of approval here without loosing touch with other genre, right through from alt-country and folk to indie guitar pop, though happily laced with noise as needed to make sure songs are not too pleasant of a journey for those who look for compromise. Enjoy... Everyone loves a Carnival.

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