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Friday, July 13, 2007

Frequency-Ireland presents... The Chapman Society

Frequency-Ireland is back putting on events, this time to raise funds for The Samaritans. Thanks to The Chapman Society for offering to travel down to do the gig on their own expenses and also to some others in bands in the Limerick area who have been keen to get involved on their own good will - namely Mark O'Connor and Hatch77. It should be a fun night, and it's all come together so naturally, the intention is to run fundraisers as quite a regular theme here now.
As for why The Samaritans to start with, well, let's not go there. First and foremost, it's about putting on some shows for everyone to enjoy, so do come along and enjoy these gigs. The aim is to put events on monthly from here out, with A Lazarus Soul already lined up to headline our main event in August.

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