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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cascade - Hope In Sound EP

A mention again for Cascade, who recently completed their debut EP, Hope In Sound. Back when their Hourglass demo was reviewed here in January, I expressed a hope that they would follow true to their ambitions of taking that predominantly calm-and-collected indie-rock sound, and combine it with the sort of shoegaze fuzz which MBV inspired so many with on Loveless. So, have they delivered?

Well, with the exception of some crunch late into 'My Final Sleep', the rest of the EP still sits very comfortably into soft indie-rock. However, the EP impresses for different reasons. In both 'My Final Sleep' and 'Chroma Key', some inspired song writing lifts the material well above the norm. In particular, 'Chroma Key' is quite exceptional, a song which puts romance into a situation of one alone who takes to finding comfort in his own company by binge drinking alone in the fields by moonlight, and becoming delusional as his shadows fool, 'yeah, I was so fucked up I was drinking for two.. I fell down to lay down and my shadow followed too, and we gazed at the stars, and now I am content to live out this life far from indifferent eyes, this night is my prize'. A quite beautifully captured moment of what to an onlooker might see as self-destruction actually seeming quite the opposite at the time. The tracks from the EP can be streamed from their myspace.

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