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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Frequency-Ireland Presents... ODi

Firstly, thank you to all who attended our first Frequency-Ireland event recently, which although had quite a small turnout, was a truly memorable night, with magically intimate performances in the main bar by Windings, The Hollows and Vertigo Smyth. Taking it underground to the basement club afterwards, we partied on through the small hours, where an extended LPX set replaced the pre-planned nightclub. Apologies to those disappointed that we weren't given enough time to run the club as well, and also to those who were refused late entry to the venue. There will be more nights like this, and a few clips of video footage may be made available at a later date. As a show of appreciation to Daffy's International Bar for accommodating our pilot night, which stretched them a lot further than they have ever gone before in terms of live music, we've arranged a follow-up event custom tailored for the venues' unique intimacy...

ODi headlines this Sunday 29th April at Daffy's International Bar for an indie-folk night, returning from the UK to promote her independently released debut single 'Crawl', released this Friday 27th April. The stunning Irish singer-songwriter otherwise known as Claire Odlum, also with careers as a model and an actress in the UK, is now emerging into the limelight musically. Since forming ODi in 2006, she has been compared favourably to artists such as Alanis Morissette and Sheryl Crow through to Kristin Hersh and Suzanne Vega.

The single 'Crawl', a strong single in itself, driven by a grunge-esque bass line, but firmly in the Alanis Morissette ballpark, is appended by two more delicate b-sides in 'Don't Let Me Fall', a quaint harmonica infused lonesome balad, and 'Mariposa', stripped to a bare acoustic melody, a song reflecting on letting go. On the surface, Mariposa may seem to be quite warm to the one being left behind, drawing a quaint allusion to leaving behind a butterfly with broken wings, but Mariposa, the Spanish for "butterfly", is also used in Spanish as a profanity when directed towards a male, so perhaps a subtle insult here to one whom she derides in the song for avoiding conflicts, an easy subtlety to ignore, and typical of her intelligent song writing. Quite akin to Kristin Hersh in style 'Mariposa', and 'Don't Let Me Fall' for that matter, are two tracks worth that bit more than just b-side status. Support on the night is by Patrick O'Brien, the much respected Limerick singer-songwriter, who for those not in the know, could be compared loosely with Glen Hansard, albeit perhaps that bit less psychotic than The Frames front man. Others may be familar with Patrick O'Brien through his band Decato, who play in a somewhat similar vein. Daffy's International Bar is the place to be on Sunday for those in the vicinity who wish to experience some very promising irish talent emerging in indie-folk and acoustic alt-rock circles at the moment. A busy schedule of tour dates can be found from their respective myspace profiles. Catch them now while they're still doing the small and intimate venues.

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