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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Frequency-Ireland Event

A brief reminder that Frequency-Ireland hosts our first event at Daffy's International Bar in Limerick this Saturday 14th April, an intimate night with Windings, The Hollows and Vertigo Smyth. We'll turn up the volume a bit after that, following on with the more noise-laced experimental electronica of LPX. Details over on the Frequency-Ireland myspace page.

Also an indie-rock club spiked with walls of feedback will follow downstairs afterwards. Expect it to go on very late, and expect it to be loud. Thank you to all those who unexpectedly packed out Daffy's Underground last Saturday night for the trial run. Much fun was had.

For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with the bands involved, headline act Windings is the more sensitive side of Steve from Giveamanakick, with songs pared down to the bone-marrow, predominantly acoustic, but uncontained enough to break into moments of Dinosaur Jr fuzz to scare away the budgies. The eponymous debut album from a few years ago was very well received throughout Ireland, and a follow-up album is currently being worked. The Hollows who play as extra special guests, are one of Dublin's most underrated lo-fi bands with two very fine albums already behind them. They play songs quite akin to Sparklehorse's Sad and Beautiful World, with a tinge of Grandaddy and Casiotone For The Painfully Alone. They don't do happy songs. If you're the over-sensitive sort, bring a few tissues, you might need them. LPX (Lube: Project X) is the electronica/dub sounds of Leigh O'Gormon, the man behind The Electric Fix shows in Dublin. Vertigo Smyth opens the night as a much respected songwriter with a touch of bedroom Lennon about him, although with a lot more indie-appeal. He's also been compared before to Jeff Buckley. Come early to avoid disappointment and make up your own mind. Doors 9pm. Vertigo starts around 10pm.

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