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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Matt Lane

It may be early days yet, but already showing signs of promise are Matt Lane, a fledgling indie rock band from the Dublin area with a sound quite similar to JJ72, and who will surely be winning admirers from fans left behind by that band now.

Let's not push the JJ72 comparison too far here however, as there are quite a few differentiators in Matt Lane, in particular their tendency to shift gear into a coarser punk frenzy from time to time, as they do in both 'Surrender to Silence' and 'Anything To Come To', the latter of which actually echoes closer to Placebo from verse to verse, so quite a bit more going on here. A third demo in 'Don't Know What To Say' is quite weaker, but they are currently back recording further material, and as a band who really just started recording a few months ago, I think the seeds of quite a decent band can be heard here. I'll leave it to others to figure out why a band made up of a Stephen, a Brien and a Ray call themselves Matt Lane, but with an aim to start playing the live circuit here over the coming months, they could be one to watch out for. I wonder if the real Matt Lane will take exception.

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