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Friday, February 23, 2007

Lords of the Empty Ballroom

The rather superbly titled 'Lords of the Empty Ballroom', in both name and nature, evoke vivid images of isolation and abandonment, moving from deconstructed soundscapes to a gothic morose. The sound is one which is quite chillingly described as 'music to drown by'. Uncomfortable with the analogy but intrigued by the sound and imagery, I've been listening in today.

Including the likes of William S. Burroughs amongst influences, it should not be a surprise to see some fine lyrical slights here - 'if you have to break my heart, then throw my eyes away' one such moment, taken from track 'St Remy'. However, skipping over this, and beyond two soundscapes in 'Sorrows New Day' and 'Static FM', the choice track of those currently presented on myspace is 'Sienna'.

In 'Sienna' you'll notice the influence of Nick Cave, again with some impressive lyrical slight of phrase - 'lonely dancing in the crowd, you're the last one here now', it is built over a simple but effective gothic melody which grows on one uncontained like a poison ivy, and overall sounding quite disturbing, dangerously terminal, yet enchanting, lyrically it is perhaps more akin to Ian Curtis. With some studio time booked in March, expect an impressive EP later this year.

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