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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Morning Stardust

Morning Stardust have announced they are due to independently release a debut single/EP in April/May of this year, the tracks from which are now available for streaming on the bands myspace and bebo pages.

I had been quite lukewarm about Morning Stardust in the past - earlier material had sounded overtly Oasis influenced and quite dreary. Fortunately, Morning Stardust have taken a new direction, and in this new material have taken a massive leap forward. In 'Don't Be The One' we have a perfect indie-pop single with strong vocals, a vibrant sound, instantly appealing, and easy to identify with. Don't be too surprised if this track is being played across Irish radio as the summer kicks in.

The quality of the release runs deeper than that however. In track 'Transfiction' we are treated to a more psychedelic-rock lean where comparisons could be drawn withh some of Spiritualised's material, and easily my choice of the three, while 'Sad Boys Shout' rounds off the three as a quite pleasant Verve-esque indie-ballad.

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