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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Hot Sprockets

The Hot Sprockets describe their sound as 'country dirt' and play an acoustic blues garage rock with quite a strong influences from The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, et al. Actually, with the tracks streaming on their myspace listed as taken from 'The Best of... 1976-2006' and some photos captioned to suggest that the band have been through it all already, one could be forgiven for thinking The Hot Sprockets were a band around quite a long time. A quick clarification from the band confirm however that they are actually very new... apparently formed just seven months ago, the tracks on their myspace were all recorded in a single session last year, played out live in the confines of a shed - or 'ghetto recordings' as they liken them to.

With nine songs written at the moment, they prefer to work on their material in the live environment, where the bands vibe is best captured - and to date, this strategy is working out quite well for them. As for the tracks which are currently streaming on their myspace site, it is easy to get that sense of live energy - with Cherry Popper my choice of the four, although all are quite impressive. Incidentally, The Hot Sprockets share some band members with another quite different band from the Dublin underground scene, Sopers Dirt, a band previously featured here on Frequency-Ireland. Anyway, happy new year all! The Hot Sprockets are surely a band on the Dublin underground to catch live this year.

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