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Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Tupelo Incident

Looking north to Belfast, overdue a mention here are The Tupelo Incident - a band for lovers of The Stooges and all things good about rock n'roll punk. Playing with quite a ferocious intensity, they shell out rock n'roll melodies buried under squalls of feedback, backed by primal drums and infectious bass lines, and have been doing so in venues across Northern Ireland for a few years now.

It's an old school sound and a good one. They liken their sound to the intensity of Queens of the Stone Age, or more tongue in cheek as 'when the angel of the lord opens the seventh seal'. I hear some of The Cult in their early days in there too. If this sounds like your thing, then take a plunge for these guys straight away. You'll love it. They've a number of tracks available to download from their website. My recommended listens would be 'Start Again', 'The Calling' and 'Overheard', but don't stop there, the material is quite consistent.

They played this weekend in Belfast with Dublin's psychotic punksters, The Things. Perhaps before long they'll be returning the compliment and gigging down south here with The Things. One hopes so. The Tupelo Incident deliver quite an awesome frenzy, not bettered by many here.

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