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Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Spikes - In Love No More

Firmly in the old school of rock n'roll, Dublin-based four-piece The Spikes bare the sound of The Doors, 70s Rolling Stones and The Who amongst others, but with some of the attitude and punk energy of The Ramones. A biography on their website boldly states "The Spikes were formed to save the world from crap music and through modern rock n roll they plan to do this." If called upon to do so, they could well manage it. The Spikes are a damn good rock n'roll band.

The Spikes are a band not to be missed out on, sleazy, energetic and compulsive, they've been playing some rousing gigs around the country this year. Formed in New Zealand in 2004 before moving to Ireland, they have quickly built up a lot of admirers, and released their debut single "Monster" back in July to much critical acclaim. They release their second single "In Love No More" this November. Expect this single to gain on the successes of its predecessor. A rather excellent single with a massive Jim Morrison influence, this band are quickly establishing themselves as a downright top quailty rock n'roll band in Ireland. A few videos are available to stream from their myspace, including some live footage and the video to "In Love No More", while several tracks are available for download from their website. Essential listening for fans of The Doors, and a recommended indulgance for others regardless. The video to "In Love No More" has also been added to those currently streaming from the Frequency-Ireland myspace.

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