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Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Corduroy

Overdue a quick write-up here are My Corduroy. I caught a gig of theirs earlier this year where they opened at an IRMO showcase. These guys really impressed, exuding confidence and stage presence with a massive rock intensity. OK, perhaps I should say rawk intensity. At their most rock moments they're a bit like a new wave metal underground equivalent to early Pearl Jam. As someone who has never been particularly fond of Pearl Jam, that should be enough to put me off My Corduroy, but it doesn't, well not entirely anyway. They'll never be a favourite of mine, but they're too good an emerging band to pass up on mentioning here.

Perhaps I'm doing them an injustice with such a strong Pearl Jam comparison however, as they don't list them amongst their main influences, instead favouring Arcade Fire, AC/DC and Interpol, with no mention of the grungemeisters influence that I hear in a lot of their songs. Hmmm...

They've four tracks available to download from their myspace and other sites. “We Create Monsters” and “Robin vs Batman” are two early favourites, while the more delicate “This Isn't Me” shows another side to them that I haven't seen before. They released their debut single “Kings of the Food Chain” a few months back, which to me was rather disappointing by comparison, menacing grunge-rawk with an industrial-metal edge, but its attempt at a killer anthem was a bit uninspirational.

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