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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Channel One - Permissions EP

Channel One, Dublin's experimental electro-rock band, have just finished recording their debut EP "Permissions" which will be released in the UK and Ireland in January 2007. Some tracks can already be streamed from their myspace, including the excellent “Rhythm and Purpose”, an electronica shoegaze-esqe track where echoes of Joy Division can be heard, and is quite possibly their finest moment yet.

Their sounds have been described as intense, dramatic and emotive, and as a live unit they churn out an impressive wall of noise fusing live guitars with synth and drum samples, although their debut single from earlier this year "Accelerate, Break" while a fine track had drifted towards a more radio-accessible 80s retro electro-rock sound. I've preferred some of their other material, in particular, "Damage Imitation", a demo track from 2005 with an almost foreboding intensity, which brought them a lot of admirers (a few versions of this demo seem to be in circulation - the one I refer to appears to be only available streamed in lo-bitrate from their old CPU space). Channel One have comfortably experimented with a number of styles within their electro-rock sphere over the past few years from shoegaze to electro-punk, and its a pleasure to see some of these more ambitious ideas come to fruition in the newer material made available from "Permissions", in what promises to be an excellent EP.

The Channel One website is well worth a visit, where several other earlier tracks are available for download, and where their video podcast service can be subscribed to, with live footage of the band and some other video clips available, including the video to "Accelerate-Break".

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