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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Nurse are a punk-rock band from the Dublin underground back giving it another go. They had a rather excellent punk song called 'Heartbreak' released on 'One Good Jukebox' last year, a double-CD compilation which featured a disparate collection of unsigned artists from Ireland involved with Dun Laoghaire College of Further Education. Although calling it a day soon after that release amid growing disillusionment and tension, Nurse have returned this year as a new unit, involving just one of the original band members, singer/songwriter/bassist Simon Burton.

The track 'Heartbreak', punky, riffy, simple but very effective, is available for download from the Nurse myspace. Other tracks on their myspace include 'Black Sugar' taken from a 2004 demo, which sounds akin to Pixies meet the Ramones, and 'Girl From The Neck Down' an anthemic grunge-punk number with early-Nirvana borrowings recorded earlier this year. It may all sound a bit amateur and hindered by a rather irksome demo recording quality, but this is good fun punk.

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