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Friday, September 29, 2006

The Coldspoon Conspiracy - Best Before 2007

The Coldspoon Conspiracy are sadly coming to an end, and they will not see this year out. They have announced that after what has been a six year voyage, which has seen them just recently return to Ireland after a year-long stint in Australia touring the region, they will play a final mini-tour of Ireland this November and then call it a day.

Emotive and off-kilter, their 2003 album 'Plays Well With Others' still holds up as one of the most relevant alternative indie-rock albums by an Irish band today, a well balanced album which hits noisier infestations and more delicate lo-fi moments at all the right times. A newly recorded 6-song EP is being released in November to coincide with the final tour.

Details of their final tour dates are listed on their myspace which includes an all-ages gig in Blackrock on October 15th followed by a few November gigs in Cork (23rd), Limerick (24th) and Galway (30th), Crawdaddy in Dublin on December 2nd, and then, sadly, that will be it. An assortment of tracks from The Coldspoon Conspiracy can be downloaded from both their website and myspace, including the unforgettable 'Conversation Starter' from the 2003 album.

All is not lost however, as although vocalist/guitarist Pat Cannon has decided to go his own way, he still intends to continue making music, while the other band members are already planning to form a band out of the ashes of The Coldspoon Conspiracy under a new name. Whether either will be as good as the sum of the parts remains to be seen.

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