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Monday, September 18, 2006


Sopers Dirt are a sleazy indie-rock band that have been playing gigs around the Dublin area for the past few years. I know very little about them, but amongst their main influences they include Sonic Youth, Queens Of The Stone Age, Pixies and Elliot Smith, and they don't stray far from those influences. This could be described as indie-rock from the gutter. Offsetting crunching melodies with more sparse moments, and a vocalist that liberally shifts gears between brittle hesitations to almost grunge-esque intensity, the songs have quite a lot of fast-slow variety built-in, but not so much as to become disjointed. These are well constructed indie-rock songs. There is scant information to be found about them online, but they do have four tracks for download from their myspace. All in all, this is a band with a lot of quality, and one well worth checking out.

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