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Monday, August 21, 2006

Black Soul Strangers - Amphetamine Psychosis

When I reviewed a Black Soul Strangers demo earlier this year, although rating their songs quite highly, I mentioned that I had some reservations about the overall sound at the time. They completed a new demo since then, a significant improvement on the previous offering; and I have to say that this newer demo is quite an irresistible piece of work.

The superbly titled 'Down and out in Vegas with amphetamine psychosis again' is the track which grabs the attention, and is a well penned song which sounds every bit as good as the title might suggest, indie-rock vibes with a raw frustration and intensity, while the other two tracks on the demo - the equally intense 'Paramount', and a fine ballad in 'Photo' are also fine efforts. All three of these tracks can be downloaded from the Black Soul Strangers myspace. Highly recommended listening from this unsigned Dublin band, with influences ranging from Joy Division to early Radiohead to The Clash.

They are playing support for LA's Juliette Lewis and the Licks at Dublin venue The Village on October 3rd.

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