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Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Ugli Voilas

Emerging out of nowhere last month to myspace, The Ugli Voilas formed just a few months back, and deliver a loud melodic guitar sound with Pixies-esqe leaning vocals. They list The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, Whipping Boy, Slowdive, Interpol and The Smiths amongst their main influences, some more apparent than others, although none which overly-dominate their sound. Quickly gathering an appreciative fan base on myspace, in just a few weeks online at the time of writing this, they have already clocked up almost 800 friends and over 3000 plays.

They have some songs to download from their myspace, and although the production quality is rough and ready, the quality in their material is unmistakable, with the most impressive perhaps being the rather broody 'Not Enough' with vocals which take an impressive swereve into shoegaze moods. These guys are already showing great potential, and in their own words 'will only be getting better from here'. Listen now, and then watch them grow, these guys could well be going places.

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