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Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Terribles - Mistake: Do Over

The Terribles are a band that are on small Irish label Poltergeist Records and 'Mistake: Do Over' is the bands debut EP. There is scant information on the band that I can find on the internet (ok, I did one lazy search and found another band from the USA called The Terribles, I got confused and stopped looking!). The EP was recorded in the summer of 2005 and released in mid 2006.

So without much information to go on, the only thing that I can judge this EP on is the songs contained within. You get four of them, and they are all rather good. In fact, I'd say excellent rather than rather good, as it's not often I hear a band blind and am compelled to play their EP over and over again, which is the exact reaction 'Mistake: Do Over' got from me.

Opening song 'Promise' comes on like a cross between mellow Yo La Tengo and American Analog Set. With gorgeous female vocals added to the mix. I'd dare to call the voice alluring and seductive. This is slow paced indie pop that nods to the alt country sound. 'Those Songs' is up next, and it's slightly more upbeat, but I need to stress the slightly. It's another wonderful little song and after only two songs I was hooked.

The rest of the EP is equally great. The Terribles are one of best new finds I have unearthed in ages - wonderful stuff.

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