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Saturday, July 01, 2006


Although emerging on the Dublin scene in 2005 with their self-released debut EP, the subsequent departure of their lead singer late last year has meant Black Soul Strangers have had to regroup to work on new material, with guitarist Barry Gorey taking over on vocals. They recorded an excellent three track demo of new material early this year however, perhaps at their finest in the lyrically superb 'The Soundtrack To Standing Still', and with a good dose of Joy Division in their sound, most noticeably in the bass and vocal delivery of 'You'll Never Get Me Down', they also bare some great influences.

The overall sound on these demo tracks is a touch lightweight for my liking however, which I think could benefit from a slightly grittier and fuller guitar sound, but keeping in mind these are demo recordings, this is possibly too early to pass judgment. There is no doubting the quality of the material, which solid songwriting carries through regardless.

The three tracks from their 2006 demo, 'The Soundtrack To Standing Still', 'You'll Never Get Me Down' and 'Mambo' can be downloaded from their website. They have since been in the studio recording, with their next tour dates apparently planned to coincide with a new release. It could be a very interesting one to watch out for.

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