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Monday, June 12, 2006


Hatch77 are a rather excellent band from Limerick who play with an invitingly catchy balance between melody and guitar noise in their music, and come across sounding quite like a merge between The Wedding Present and Ride.

They have three songs available for download from their myspace; 'Charisma', 'Lovesick' and 'Point of Regression', all of which are taken from their 4 track debut EP titled Barriers, which was self-released a while back, and available online through Rimbaud Records.

Formed around 2003 initially as a four piece with two bass players, one of which left the band earlier this year, they are now continuing as a three piece for the foreseeable future. I saw them live a few months ago, in what was just their second gig as a three piece, performing a set of about eight songs. The performance was solid, with the sound sufficiently full to suggest that a second bass player is perhaps surplus to requirements now. Hopefully more will be heard from Hatch77, they certainly have enough first-rate material to warrant it.

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