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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


A biography on their website describes them as "a proper, stripped down, head on, bare boned, no bullshit racket". The Urges play rock n'roll loud and energetic, raunchy and bluesy, swirly and psychedelic; they are proudly steeped in the 60's garage rock tradition and deliver raucous songs which really grip me into the mood.

It's all so easy to draw comparisons with early Stones or the Kinks, more recently to those 90s self-proclaimed kings of budget rock, The Mummies, and then all the way back again to 60s garage rockers The Mammies and The Sonics, so it is of no surprise to see The Urges list all these and more in their influences.

What makes The Urges special to me, however, is not that they draw influence from such a large plethora of garage rock bands, but that they sound rather unique in doing so, and deliver it with a contagious natural energy in their songs. A rock n'roll like this was most definitely made to be heard live and loud.

The Urges play a number of festivals across Europe this summer, including the IPO Festival in Liverpool next week, and the very prestigious garage festival, Primitive Festival, in Rotterdam in June. As ever, details of all their upcoming shows can be found on their myspace. Four songs of The Urges are also available for download from their myspace, 'Curse It All', which has an incredible, almost self-propelling raw energy to it, would probably be my favourite of them.

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