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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I picked up Crayonsmith's debut album 'Stay Loose' at the album launch gig last weekend and it is quickly becoming a favourite. Consider a melting pot of Pavement style twisted guitar melodies, moments of Sebadoh guitar crunch, and the tenderness of Sparklehorse, entwined into an album brimming full of touchingly despondent and heavy-hearted songs written with an unusual openness, and you are close to knowing the basis of the album's appeal.

Choice lyric:
"I needed some time to myself and isolation seemed okay. It left me feeling upside down, nobody's around, and it's slowly killing me. I'm upside down, nobody is calling and now it's hard to sleep" - Lock-In by Crayonsmith.

Two songs from the album are available for download on the Crayonsmith website and myspace - 'Scarytale' and 'Unnatural', where details of the current Irish tour can also be found. The album can be purchased online from Road Records.

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