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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Unsigned Dublin based alt-rock band Delorentos, who released their new single 'The Rules' last Friday from their forthcoming debut album, are hardly a secret anymore having scooped the British National Student Music Awards in London last year, and reaching the nominee shortlist for Best New Irish Band at the Irish Meteor awards earlier this year.

I've lost count of how many times I've read good press about these guys too, and such accolades, and what seems like the inevitable success soon to follow, usually means that I'm ultimately destined to hear too much of these guys and come to dislike them, but right now, I think they're quite an excellent outfit.

They've instantly infectious songs, a quirky guitar tightness, and a touch of guitar fuzz at times, with enough of a post-punk attitude to compensate for their radio-friendly appeal. Roadhouse Magazine last year described their debut EP, 'Leave It On', as "a disgustingly good record".

Touring extensively so far this year, the details of the remainder of their current tour can be found on their myspace, where their new single can also be streamed, and two songs from last year's EP are available for download.

The video to the new Delorentos single, 'The Rules' is available on YouTube, and the single can be purchased online at Road Records.

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