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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Bringing an infusion of early electronica and an abundance of punk attitude into their sphere of space-punk, unsigned Dublin band Aleko have been making infectious sounds with an incompliant edge of late with admirable conviction. Aiming to "merge the sound of the club with the sound of the sweaty underground venue", steeped in adrenalin, with doses of aggression and an unashamed leaning towards sleaze, they include Primal Scream, Death In Vegas, New Order, The Fall and Kraftwerk amongst their influeces, although ultimately its their own sound.

Having just played at the IMRO tour highlights showcase last week, they have a few festival dates in Ireland lined up the summer, including 'Your Festival' in Tullamore on 24th June and 'Hi:Fi Festival' in Mullingar on 5th August (a sister festival to the UK's breakthrough Hi:Fi North and South festivals which take place during May in Newcastle Upon Tyne and Winchester). They play Club Radiator @ The Hub in Dublin this Friday June 9th, accompanied by Sickboy, supporting Canadian new-wave punksters You Say Party We Say Die. Details of these and other upcoming gigs can be found on their myspace.

They've also been working on material in the studio recently, and hope to release an EP towards the end of the year. Meanwhile, a few songs can be streamed from their myspace, including the superb 'Dead On The Inside'.

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