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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Dublin's psychotic social misfits, The Things, playing their contagiously energetic and chaotic brand of garage punk, are due to release their new single 'Some Kind Of Kick' on 23rd June. Emerging just over the past few years, and drawing on influences ranging from Hammer Horror to The Cramps and The Stooges, they've been described as "the best live performers to hit Ireland in aeons" and headline this years Psycho Fest at Dublin's Voodoo Lounge on 24th June, where Humanzi, Mainline, The Mighty Stef, Aleko and Sickboy among others will also be playing.

As for the new single, it really is an immense tune, an absolute killer of a punk anthem, unleashing a menace awash with almost demented adrenalin, and coupled with classic punk lines like "I get my thrills in the shape of a pill" there is a fantastic rebellious energy about it. It packs an incredible punch.

The video to The Things new single 'Some Kind Of Kick' is available on YouTube.

There are three songs available for download from The Things myspace - 'Demon Stomp', 'Psycho Lover' and 'Horror Movie', where their new single can also be streamed. An additional song, the gnarly, dark and incredibly intense 'Sick Street', my favourite of their material available to date, is available on their space. There are also some live tracks available for streaming from their website. The Things are currently working on a debut album targeted for release later this year.

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