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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Dublin based House Of Mexico have produced some beautiful twee psychedelic fuzz-pop songs over the past few years, with an appeal which is hardly surprising seeing as they have drawn from such an admirable cast of musical influences, which includes West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, The June Brides, Spacemen 3, The Velvet Underground and Tompaulin to mention but a few.

They have four songs available for download from their myspace, including the June Brides cover 'Sick Tired and Drunk' and the tracks from a now unavailable 2004 single release. My favourite of these has to be 'Without Blood', a psychedelic melancholy at its finest with some cheekily marvelous lyrics such as "its not that I have no emotions, I just cant stand going through the motions", and sounding quite comparable to Pink Floyd or Spiritualized in their most mellow of moments, it also has an undercurrent of distorted noise which works its way into the floating melody as the song progresses. The song is an absolute masterpiece.

A rather sparse discography to date includes a debut on Earworm Records in 2002, where they had four tracks included on a various artist release entitled A Charabang Trip To The Lights, a limited edition 7" single on The Great Pop Supplement which followed in 2004, and then earlier this year, a contribution of 'Sick Tired and Drunk' to The June Brides Tribute album released on YesBoyIceCream Records. They are currently working on a new EP.

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