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Saturday, June 17, 2006


Dublin band envelope released a rather excellent debut EP entitled State & Nature last month, three tracks from which can be previewed on their myspace. They describe their sound as alternative/shoegaze/rock, although with a vocal style which has been compared before to Jeff Buckley, I'm not so sure a shoegaze tag is really that appropriate. Their sound is mostly delicate and melodic, deliberate and cogitative, quite layered and always tight, with a deep clipped bass at times and often raising to some excellent guitar riffs. They are undeterred from interleaving what is often a radio-friendly sound with more ambitious noises, and perhaps reach their finest moment of soaring distortion towards the end of 'Cost Of Living'. There are clear influences of Sigur Ros, Elbow and Radiohead in there, although they're a lot better than that might suggest.

The EP can be purchased from cableattack!!, their online shop and label, and they play at Crawdaddy in Dublin this June 29th with special guests Panda Kopanda from Belfast.

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