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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Star Department

I first came to notice The Star Department earlier this year when I found some of their demo material while sifting through, a favourite at the time 'Rosary Wheels' really making me sit up and take note, and it was hard to believe that their full lineup only came together in late 2005. With forays from warm indie vocals towards occasional euphoric outbursts and back again, and effortless interchanges of tempo and melodies throughout a background of predominantly indie shoegaze sounds, they have continued to impress those who have listened to it all unfold.

Having already been championed in various sources as "a sonic cavalcade of densely packed melodies and flickering pieces of jangle", "a superb blend of noisy indie rock and euphoric wall-of-sound shoegazing sounds", and "a unique blend of sublime indie-pop and shimmering post-rock", the adulations keep coming from all corners.

A thoroughly absorbing debut EP, Flickering Lights, was released this June, mixed and mastered by the legendary American producer Kramer, whom has allegedly been taken aback by their music and plans to produce the band in the future. The three tracks from this EP can be streamed from their myspace and the EP can be purchased online at Road Records. They have a number of gigs in Dublin over the coming weeks, with perhaps the choice one being at The Boom Boom Room on August 6th, where The Coldspoon Conspiracy and Crayonsmith complete a great lineup on the night.

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