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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Sting Wrays

Describing their sound as "twangy 60's reverb drenched surf", The Sting Wrays are one of the noisiest rackets ever kicked up by a garage band in the 60s... or at least that is the impression they leave. They are in fact a recent side project of The Urges.

An instrumental thrashy assault of noise with insanely primitive rock n'roll sounds, this is a sound not to be dissected or analysed, but just to be experienced for what it is - an awesome racket with enough force to blast you back to the 60s and make you wonder how it ever got this ferocious. It's all a heinously absorbing clamor, and four of these frenzied instrumentals are available for download from The Sting Wrays myspace.

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