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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Loud, melodic, and drenched in guitar feedback, a small band from Northern Ireland, going by the name of Super-8, have been creating some devilishly good sounds of late. They've refined a loud guitar sound into which they work some memorable melodies, with a rock n'roll vibe in keeping with the likes of The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Stooges and The Velvet Underground. I also hear the sounds British indie-rock in the melodies burried underneath the noise, everything from Primal Scream to early Stone Roses, but essentially this is music a lot more closely bonded with that early rock n'roll punk vibe.

According to vocalist/guitarist Shane in recent conversation, speaking modestly about their achievements and ambitions, he explained they have already completed a full album of demo material, although have yet to take their sound to a live environment:

"As you said there's only 2 of us so playing live is sorta tricky. Having said that, the past month we have been setting up in my kitchen and working out stuff to play live. At the minute it's just 2 guitars and vocals but we are going to record some backing tracks. Looking for a bassist and drummer is not out of the question. So hopefully we'll get it sorted."

"The whole Super-8 thing started out as a bit of fun. We set ourselves a target of making a CD with 12 songs. I don't know why but guitarist Steve was pretty adamant it should be 12. We finished it early this year. It's really a CD of 12 demos."

"I had previously done some recording with my good friend Kevin under the moniker Russolo's Pet Project. We may do something with that at some stage in the future. We don't really have long term plans, I just thought we had this bunch of songs, why not put them out there via myspace and see what happens, isn't that what everyone else is doing?"

Four such songs are currently available to download from the Super-8 myspace, with my favourite of these being the exceptionally cool vibes of 'Undercover Blues'. I am looking forward to hearing the full demo.

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