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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Omb And The Furious Tree

Omb And The Furious Tree are an unsigned band from Dublin who play a retro-psychedelic punk-rock. They formed just late last year, although most band members have been playing together under various guises since coming together after Dublin bands The Ravines and The Ripleys both disbanded around 2004.

They have described their sound as "catchy instantaneous melodies wrapped-up in a raw-riotous energy of beefy rhythms, punchy guitars and bright splicing organs, steeped in a rich undercurrant of retro-psychedelia" - quite a mouthful, but not far off the mark. I encountered them just recently, and was quite impressed by some of their songs, in particular 'Abba's Hoover' which is high on adrenalin, wih a strong thumping beat, and quickly breaks into an infectiously melodic chorus reminiscent in ways of early Beatles, but clanked out in true garage style. There's a lot of 70s punk attitude in there, and even more so in the equally good 'Ryu vs Ken', another energy-laced track which splices 70s punk with swirly psychedelic guitar/organ sounds.

Three tracks from Omb and The Furious Tree are available for download from their myspace, including 'Abba's Hoover' and 'Ryu vs Ken', where details of some upcoming gigs in Dublin are also listed, most imminent at The Hub in Dublin this August 22nd.

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