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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Red Eskimo

Red Eskimo are a Limerick-based band whom I have been meaning to write something about for quite a while now. They formed a few years ago from the ashes of another rather different Limerick band called Newland Gesture. Red Eskimo have a somewhat indie-acoustic vibe, with a healthy level of Can experimentalism, and a natural propulsive energy which is quite infectious. Recently focusing most of their time on writing new material, and experimenting with a lot of different ideas, they have been playing around with mixed instruments and soundscapes; adding keyboards, the harmonium, the ukulele, and the accordion, while also experimenting with percussion sounds.

Speaking with lead singer Neil recently, he explained how all this has meant less gigging activity than usual for Red Eskimo, who have also been busy working on changing their live sound so they replace the use of a live drummer with the use of some pre-recorded percussions and sounds from the other instruments which they have been experimenting with instead. The hope however, would be to start headlining within the next few months with the newer material, record as many songs as possible, put them online, and look to gig around Ireland on a regular basis before delving back into songwriting and starting the cycle again.

An independent minded band, their aim is to continue to do everything themselves where possible, not just from the perspective of recording their own songs the way they feel they should sound, but also in everything from the making of their own video for their song 'Battery' to designing their CD covers, posters and website.

They currently have just a handful of their older songs recorded, a few of which are available for download from the Red Eskimo myspace - '1981', 'Battery' and 'Buffalo Nation', all rather excellent, and are songs which I have found to be very durable listens ever since first taking note of them some months ago. Well worth checking out.

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