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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Vendetta Suite

It's always interesting to encounter people doing something a bit different. The Vendetta Suite is a project run by solo artist Gary Irwin from Northern Ireland. He occasionally guests other performers on guitars and vocals, although for the most part this is dark instrumental electroncia music. Listed influences include the likes of Phil Spector, The Velvet Underground, Suicide, Primal Scream and Death In Vegas. Of the tracks streamable on his myspace at the time of writing, ‘Carney Girl’ stands out as having a clear Death In Vegas influence with a dark driving rhythm and overlaid guitar samples, while ’Eyes Like Nico’ is a charming little instrumental homage to 'I'll Be Your Mirror' from The Velvet Underground. Perhaps the most interesting of the material on his myspace though is the self-titled track, The Vendetta Suite, a distorted haunting ambience which has an eerie almost other-worldly feel to it. Creepy. A fourth track, Hula Bop, is built around an obscenely out-of-place upbeat Hawaiian melody, but twisted to sound as if ghosted down a tube. It’s all rather strange, but oddly appealing.

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Edit: The tracks on offer on The Vendetta Suite myspace seem to be on rotatation quite regularly, so this is a space well worth multiple revisits; actually since the time of writing this article, several new tracks have already appeared!