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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Gordon Is A Mime

Gordon Is A Mime is a Dublin based band/artist creating experimental indie-electronica music. Warm but disturbed, some of the songs on the Gordon Is A Mime myspace at the moment are rather brilliant.
What drew me initially to Gordon Is A Mime is the self-titled track which guests a female vocalist seductively singing in whispered tones along the lines of 'i hold the world record for sickness'. A touch deranged, but positively seductive. Both 'Fall In Love' and 'Play Pool' are the choice tracks however, sublimely written songs serving forward the torments of a sick mind on a plate 'i would set all of my clothes on fire, just to be naked with you, i would burn all of skin just to be in sin with you', while at the same time working on some brilliant tragic comedy in lines such as 'i fell in love with the girl with the limp but she never fell in a love with me'. All of this, and then overwhelmed with a compelling yearning in the forlornness of the line 'we never fall in love' as it is repeated over and over. This is quality material.

There does not appear to be any released material as of yet, or at least none that I could find online, but they do play a half-hour slot at this year's Hard Working Class Hero's festival at The Hub on Friday 13th October. Other recent activity includes providing the music for Oedipus Loves You which runs this autumn at Pan Pan Theatre in Dublin.

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