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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sanzkrit - Yeah But What If

Sanzkrit, from Monaghan in Ireland, released their third EP Yeah But What If earlier this year to wide critical acclaim. Despite this, it had managed to pass below my radar until now. The reason? Well, their previous EP, Remember To Breath, was also highly critically acclaimed despite being an overly-derivative punk-grunge affair with much less "unique clever songwriting" than it was ever credited to have. I was expecting more of the same. I was wrong. This time the music press in Ireland have had it right. Sanzkrit have evolved into something rather special.

This EP is not just a massive step forward but a considerable turn in direction for Sanzkrit. Overall a lot warmer, considerably more fragile and a lot more melodic than anything they have touched on before, they really have found an indie-rock sound now which is quite unique and have written some genuinely memorable songs. There are two superb tracks on the EP; 'Futulia' and 'Beautiful Something', both simultaneously delicate and anthemic, they are worth the price of the EP alone, while the rest of the EP is far from filler material.

"we used to think that someday we'd make history,
and we thought we'd live our lives forever happily,
we were wrong...... we were wrong,
and when we meet again,
betrayed by yesterday,
you'll read..... my lips,
they'll say..... yeah but what if..."
- Futila by Sanzkrit.

Tracks from the Yeah But What If EP are currenly streamable from the Sanzkrit myspace, including the two standout tracks 'Futulia' and 'Beautiful Something', while four tracks from their previous EP can also be downloaded from their website.

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