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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

REVERE - Modern Science

Cork alt-rock band Revere independently released their debut album Modern Science in 2005 to quite high critical acclaim in Ireland, receiving such appraisals as the Best Cork band of 2005. They've been referred to as 'raw and driven' and with influences including Morrissey, Radiohead and Echo and the Bunnymen they've a natural big stage presence.

Some tracks from Modern Science can be downloaded from their myspace including 'Untruth' which has touches of Ian McCullough and 'Seizure Song' which has a massive Morrissey influence. Hearing the influence of such great men in their songs should inspire me to like this band a lot, but it doesn't. In general, their songs just sound a bit too safe, too radio-compliant and too wearily familiar. There are the few exceptions however, and they get the mention here for the superb 'Seizure Song', quite emphatically cutting with overtones of resentment, it delves into the deep and personal like the fallout from an annexed convulsion and is a must listen for Morrissey fans. I'll take Morrissey any day instead however, as despite this and some other strong moments I'd just get too tired listening to Modern Science through. As a whole, it just doesn't add anything for me that I can't get somewhere else done better.

"You hate me, oh when I’m right
You say aren’t you so clever, aren’t you a clever
Cad behind the mask of a rat
You swinish luxury man
Who wished me malediction in this my prison
And this is how I feel.." - Seizure Song by Revere

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