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Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Ruby Tailights - Dressing Up

The Ruby Tailights have just released a superb indie-pop album this month, titled Dressing Up, some songs from which can be downloaded from their website. This is lo-fi gentle indie rock sounds blending fuzz and acoustics to capture the ideologies of everything from Teenage Fanclub to The Beach Boys, and music which could be played over and over on lazy breezy days. I just love it.

Of the songs available online, Switch is undoubtedly an excellent indie-pop song, but it is the more laid back Buenos Aires which I'm most taken to, enchantingly wondering and wandering, and best epitomed in the lines "lets go to Argentina, jump on a trampoline, maybe we'll get so far we'll see the sun"; a simply beautiful song which stands out amongst others on an album brimming with top quality material.

The Ruby Tailights started out a few years ago by Martin Kelly, one of the core members from Sunbear, the rather excellent Dublin shoegaze indie-pop band which was active in the mid 90s on the Irish music scene. Some old tracks from Sunbear are also available for download, from the Sunbear myspace, and again highly recommended.

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