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Friday, December 01, 2006

The Negative Way

The Negative Way are a new 4-piece electronica alt rock band from Dublin with quite a strong influence of Depeche Mode in their sound. I found them on myspace earlier this week. As far as emerging bands go, these guys have a lot of quality, and more than worthy of mention here. It seems they've yet to even start gigging though, and their website is still largely under construction, but they have made a few of their songs available to download from it as a taster of what is to come. Anyway... this is a band who are likely to appeal if you've a penchant for a sound retrospective on perhaps the softer side of 80s electronica rock. Well, it appeals to me, plus they're very good at it, so a big thumbs up from here.

In 'I Waited For You', the retro-80s electronica indie appeal is most pronounced, and where the Depeche Mode influence can be most clearly heard. Its quite downhearted, a touch despondant even, but there is warmth there too, and a good song. However, the choice song is 'Regret', still with an electronica backbone, the application of some warm indie guitar riffs not far removed from those of Snow Patrol give it a more contemporary indie-rock balance, and a much stronger song overall regardless. Take a listen to these guys while they remain below the radar - you could well be impressed.

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