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Sunday, November 26, 2006

LPX - Easy Music For Difficult Ears

LPX (Lube: Project X) is the electronica/dub sounds of Leigh O'Gormon, the man behind The Electric Fix shows in Dublin. Easy Music For Difficult Ears is the limited edition 3-track EP released this month on his own label. Leigh sent me on the EP for a listen, and while not a genre I am overly familiar with, I've found it quite an agreeable EP and one well deserving of a writeup here.

Opening with 'Wasps In A Honey Trap' you get a haunting ambient electronica pervaded by slow crunched beats, which on first listen didn't do much for me, but the haunting aspect grows on repeat listens. The EP then gathers some pace with the sifting rhythms of 'Paper Lanterns' before leading into the highlight of the EP as far as I'm concerned; a momentous closing track in 'Ledge', this one builds in intensification with swirling noise and menacing beats which brisk towards a deathly climax. Dark and coursing, it has a strong DIV influence, and is a perfect climax to an EP that builds in chase and intensity throughout.

The EP was credited with 'single of the week' by Road Records when it was released, where it received a rave review by someone more familiar with the genre. LPX comparisons drawn favorably there with other Irish electronica artists such as The Last Sound and Chequerboard, I'm now tempted to explore the genre a little further. If one or two more electronica artists feature here at some point, it will be partly due to LPX opening these ears a little further than they normally go.

Easy Music For Difficult Ears can be purchased from Road Records, while some other material is available on the LPX myspace, and where details of upcoming LPX shows can be found. The Electric Fix myspace lists details of other upcoming shows run by Leigh, encompassing much of the best alternative indie, punk and electronica music around Ireland today.

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