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Friday, December 22, 2006

Cap Pas Cap – Not Not Is Fine

Described before as sitting somewhere between Talking Heads and Sonic Youth, Dublin post-punk band Cap Pas Cap released their limited edition debut 12" “Not Not Is Fine” recently on their own Skinny Wolves label. They have been touted by many to become huge over the next few months, and have played several critically acclaimed shows in Ireland and the UK including an appearance at the Reading festival in the UK earlier this year. However, for all the hype which has surrounded Cap Pas Cap, I can’t help but feel a bit left outside the Cap Pas Cap party. Yes, their sound is infectious, fresh and excitable, but while the experimentalism in their sound has much to be applauded, their actual songs tend to be a touch trivial, almost empty. Perhaps I'm looking for too much from them though, as this is a band a lot more about the sound and the rhythms, the experimentalism, the effortless delivery, the energy and the hooks. The actual songs don’t really matter quite as much. It’s what the sound does to you. Some material from the release can be streamed from their myspace, where a video of 'Said Say It' performed live at their 12" launch can also be viewed, a video which best captures what Cap Pas Cap are all about, in the live environment.

2007 is likely to see Cap Pas Cap tour further afield, see a more global release of the debut 12”, and also see the release of a debut album, which is expected sometime around next summer. With melodies which are quirky, tight and sparse, yet 'viciously spiked' - as one reviewer previously put it, and with a post-punk vocal style always raised in pitch, effusing an off-kilter swagger and confidence in everything they do, they may well become the next sensation from Ireland, as touted by their many admirers, although without enough substance behind it all, I can’t help but feel the bubble will burst not long after that album is out.

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