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Sunday, January 28, 2007


I received a demo from Cry Yuma recently, a 4-piece alt-rock band from Dublin. As far as I can tell, they formed about three years ago, with the material on the demo recorded last May. According to the details included with it, they've been compared before to bands such as Pavement, Television, Pinback and Radiohead. Regardless of influences though, they're not a band I'd be overly keen on.

Overall, their material is generally a touch on the soft side for what I look for in indie-rock. They do have their moments though, and in particular, third track 'lost and amused' is quite appealing, reminding me of some of Jeff Buckley's more amplified material. The second track 'by all means' is one not to be dismissed either, with some fine Pavement style guitar crunch in it, but lead track 'no moon no stars', as a style in general, I find quite a turn-off, sounding overly composed and stilted - although I'm sure it will have it's admirers.

Anyway, in short, for me, this is a band who are at their best when they loosen up a bit, and at their most unstructured, as in the afore-mentioned track 'lost and amused'. A debut EP is due to be released this coming summer. The tracks from the demo can be streamed from their myspace profile.

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