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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dark Room Notes - Love Like Nicotine

Considered by some to be one of Ireland's best kept secrets at the moment, Dark Room Notes release their debut single 'Love Like Nicotine' next month.

What you get is radiant electro-indie-pop which has been likened before to both New Order and The Human League, though overall they are more uplifting in purpose, and have veerings into Muse rock territory at times, and while I'll decline joining their posse of cheerleaders as a fan of their music, I'll concede that Love Like Nicotine is a quality single, quite vibrant and emphatic, sounding custom made for both radio and dance-floor alike. It could well break them into the spotlight.

Worth mentioning also is an interesting remix of the single by Flood (New Order, Depeche Mode, The Killers, U2) included as a b-side, which experiments with sparsity, static and samples, bursts into a brief pulsating chorus mid-way through before tripping back into quite a cool breezy female vocal suiting 'its a love like nicotine yeah' over building static to a close. Not a version for everyone, but it does offer a good alternate take to its more commercially viable a-side.

Love Like Nicotne will be released on Gonzo Records, an Independent Record Label based in Dublin. The single launch takes place at Crawdaddy on 24th March. The single and remix can be streamed from their myspace page.

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