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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Balducci Lift - Threerock Sessions EP

The Balducci Lift is an experimental-folk band from Dublin that grew and matured over the years out of being a teenage grunge-metal band back in the 90's. These days they are a lot more mellowed. They got in touch with me recently to raise my awareness about their recent Threerock Sessions EP.

This could be described as suave bedroom folk with an offbeat indie groove. Some comparisons could be drawn with Gomez too, although I'd rather not draw that parallel too far, as they are quite different - not just in The Balducci Lift's marked use of vocal harmonies, which they drift in and out of quite a lot in their songs, but in an overall impression that they are a bit more up-town, particularly with song 'The Here and Now', which is the one that has received most attention to date, and to which they have created their first video for.

It's not the sort of music I'd usually listen to, but it does have it's appeal, and track 'Hey One' which eases along effortlessly in a more carefree indie spirit, is my choice of them, although the charming 'All For The Love Of A Girl', which rounds off the EP, also has its merits. I'd pitch this as pleasant music to get sleepy to; dreamy music, lulling and loose. All three tracks from the Threerock Sessions EP can be previewed from their myspace page, where the aforementioned video to 'The Here and Now' can also be viewed, while further information on the band can also be found on their website and sellaband page.

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