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Friday, February 23, 2007

Vertigo Smyth
On one of the more intimate nights in Baker's Underground in Limerick since this new venue opened, Vertigo Smyth played as guest to Windings late last year, just before the Christmas reigned in. On the night, live, it was one man and his songs, armed with no more than an acoustic guitar, a pickup and an effects pedal, for a characteristically warm lo-fi sound. Vertigo Smyth of course has done the circuit in Ireland at low key venues many times now, and also plays with The Terribles, so no stranger to the intimacy of the small stage. It was however, the first time I've been there to catch him live.

In Vertigo Smyth you get a bedroom Beatles, a bit of Bowie and doses of retro-indie, while justified comparisons with Jeff Buckley have also been made in the past, not just in terms of style, but in his ability to write songs which reach out. The song which caught my attention then as it does now listening back to the material online is 'Rock Out' and its open expression of heartbreak and romance with music 'you're my bloody valentine, you're my jesus and mary chain' - how could it be better put? Tracks available online include 'Rock Out' and 'The Button Sellers Song' both taken from a Triptych DVD from 2005, while a fine demo in 'Broken Things' shows a more experimental side. If you have a love/hate relationship with The Beatles - love your retro indie-pop, but hate a polished production, and if you find yourself being drawn into listening to Jeff Buckley for his honesty in songwriting, but prefer music in the live setting - then Vertigo Smyth is a willing solution to your dilemma.

Edit: Vertigo Smyth is lined up to play at Frequency-Ireland's pilot event in Daffy's International Bar in Limerick on SAT 14th APRIL with Windings, The Hollows and LPX. Details of this event can be found on the Frequency-Ireland myspace page.

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