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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Secret Police - Bootie Call

Limerick's Secret Police release their debut single 'Bootie Call' this March 2nd. Despite some good press, I hadn’t been expecting a lot from it. My first experience of them was back at an IMRO showcase about a year ago, where at the time I was left unimpressed; an over-indulgence in the old Pearl Jam influence I thought, not enough originality, and nothing particularly special, and I declined mentioning them here in favour of some of the other bands who performed that same night.

Well, the Secret Police have been evolving and growing from strength to strength over the past year, and I have to say they've proved me wrong with this, their Bootie Call. They're still not the most original band around, but this is quite an excellent single. Long shaken off is the over-indulgence in Pearl Jam - actually a Foo Fighter's influence is more noticeable now - but leaving comparisons aside, Bootie Call is an infectious rock track in itself - loud, melodic and quite anthemic, and although I've a tendency to dislike the more rawk-ego side of rock vocals, this it powered forward by the gravely vocals of front-man Pete Mullins impressively, in a way that gives the song and the band a signature well worth shouting about.

The band play their single launch gig in Limerick at Baker's Place this Saturday, March 3rd, and follow it up with a number of shows around Ireland throughout the month. The single can be streamed from both their myspace page and website, while other material they have online shows some diversity in what they're doing these days. They're proving to be quite an impressive band after all.

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